Scott Street Greenhouses Ltd.

165 Tanbark Road, St. Davids, ON, L0S 1P0


(905) 262-4979

Potted Plants: Poinsettias; 4″ Singles, 4.5″ & 14″, and Chrysanthemums 6″. Hanging Baskets: Assorted Spring 10″, Geranium, New Guinea, Begonia, Calibrachoa and others. Fiber Baskets 12″ Mixed and New Guinea. Bedding Plants: Assorted 12-0-4 Trays, Assorted 4″, Geranium, New Guinea, Begonia, Calibrachoa and others. Pre-finished 10″ Baskets, 12-0-4 Trays, 4″ and Custom Seeding 512’s and 288’s available upon pre-order.

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