Rosa Flora Growers Limited

717 Diltz Road, Dunnville, ON, N1A 2W2


(905) 774-8044

We grow cut Standard Gerbera, Mini Gerbera, Snapdragons, Lisianthus, Gerpoms, and Stephanotis. We also partner with local growers to wholesale locally grown potted plants and cut flowers.


2,000,000 sq.ft., 185,806 sq. meters

Arielle Bulk, Owner

Ralph DeBoer, Owner

(905) 774-0644

Posted in Acaulis, Adenium Obesum, African Violets (Including Mini), Agapanthus (Potted Plants), Aloe Vera, Amaryllis (Potted Plants), Anthurium (Cut Flowers), Anthurium (Potted Plants), Assorted Arrangements (Potted Plants), Astilbe (Potted Plants), Azaleas, Baby Tears, Bacopa (Potted Plants), Bamboo - Straight & Curly, Basil - Flowering, Basil - Flowering (potted plants), Begonia - Dragon Wings (Potted Plants), Begonia - Rex (Potted Plants), Begonia - Rieger (Potted Plants), Begonia - Solenia (Potted Plants), Begonia - Solenia (potted plants), Begonia - Waterfall (Potted Plants), Begonia (Non-stop), Begonia's (Potted Plants), Boston Fern HB, Bougainvillea, Bougainvillea (Potted Plants), Bromeliads/Guzmania, Bulbs (Potted Plants), Bulbs (potted plants), Cacti (See Succulents), Caladium, Calandiva, Calathea Crocata, Calceolarias, Calibrachoa (Potted Plants), Calla Lily (Potted Plants), Canna Lily (Potted Plants), Carnations (Potted Plants), Cat Grass, Celosia (Potted Plants), Chenille, Chinese Lanterns (Potted Plants), Christmas Cactus (See Zygo), Chrysanthemums - Pelee (Potted Plants), Chrysanthemums - Pelee (potted plants), Chrysanthemums (Potted Plants), Cineraria, Citrosa (Potted Plants), Clematis (Potted Plants), Clerodendrum, Clivia Minata (Potted Plants), Cordyline (Potted Plants), Crispy Wave - mini (Potted Plants), Crispy Wave Fern, Crocus, Crossandra (Potted Plants), Cuphea, Curcuma, Cut Flowers, Cyclamen (Potted Plants), Cyclamen Mini (Potted Plants), Cypress, Daffodils (Potted Plants), Dahlia (potted plants), Dahlias (Potted Plants), Dianthus (Potted Plants), Dichondra, Dish Gardens, Dracaena (Potted Plants), Echeveria, Exacum/Persion Violet, Ferns (Potted Plants), Ficus, Fig, Find a Grower, Find a Wholesaler, Fleurettes, Foliage (Potted Plants), Frosty Fern, Frosty Fern - mini (Potted Plants), Gerberas Incl. Mini (Cut Flowers), Germini, Gerpoms, Lilies - Asiatic (Cut Flowers), Lilies - LA Hybrids (Cut Flowers), Lilies - Oriental (Cut Flowers), Lilies - Royal (Cut Flowers), Lisianthus (Cut Flowers), Ontario Growers, Ontario Wholesalers, Potted Plants, Search By Category, Snapdragons (Cut Flowers) and Stephanotis (Cut Flowers)